Be prepared for the 1% day
This simple concept is basic in its meaning and profound in its implications.
Most of us proceed through life with little or no awareness of impending events. We go about our daily business of working, playing, or just residing in our homes, without significant incident. That’s 99% of our time.
What we at Northwest Suburban Tactical Training Center are most concerned with is the other 1%; that which represents the time when serious and random events may put us and/or our loved one’s in harms way.
Our sole purpose is training for survival, whatever it takes. Whether your profession is full time military, law enforcement, security, or a banker, teacher, or housewife, the skills and knowledge our dedicated and well-versed instructors impart to our customers are designed to make sure they effectively and successfully survive a 1% day. By combining an uncompromising system of practical and combat-proven tactics and techniques with intense mental conditioning, we give you the tools to do exactly that.
Northwest Suburban Tactical Training Center’s team of instructors bring experience, passion, and intensity to every class they teach, along with detailed lesson plans that help you document and retain your training so you can continue to develop your skills. Our diverse lists of services are designed to fulfill the needs of both the high impact organization and the common individual. Come and see why we offer the very best in firearms and tactical training. Whether you seek to learn about a revolver, semi-automatic, rifle or shotgun, we have quality instructors that will ensure that you are well trained upon course completion. If you are a civilian wanting to learn a new skill, or a practicing security professional, then you will want to pay us a visit as we truly are the very best security training school. We truly are Chicagolands best firearms training center. To all, welcome to our home! We hope you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for, and if not, let us know exactly how we can better serve you.
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